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Graphic designer, Illustrator.

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Antoine Salamé
Paris - Beirut
E: antoinesalame@me.com

Illustration Castle

Chateau Kefraya's traditionnal castle reworked to look "hip hop", part of the "Antoine Salamé Krem2 special edition project".


Display typeface created with the looks of a futuristic dimension.

Kefraya x KREM2

Les Bretèches 2018 "Special Edition Antoine Salamé KREM2".

CD Packaging

CD box design for the EP "Faradaws" by Spleenter, rap artist.


Monograph about the Wu-Tang Clan.

Upside Mag

64 pages of pure "out of this world" content.

Seeds Packaging

"Food is a universal language", thanks to this product, plant your own fruits and enjoy with friends!


Vynil disc packaging for fictional album.

11H11 Clock

3D Clock done on blender, for Spleenter's Rap video clip.

Chrome Type

Drawn by hand then reworked on both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop..

Ad. Campaign

+ART= is a association that supports the creative community.

Pantone Concept bike

Felipe Pantone's visual identity applied on a bike.